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Knight Roulette.
Knight Roulette.
Knight Roulette - La migliore strategia a sei numeri per giocare alla roulette dei casino con licenza ADM.
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What is Knight Roulette ?

Knight Roulette is an innovative six number betting system for online casino roulette, developed by Mr. Orazio Grasso alias ROULETT36, based on a Dynamics Artificial Intelligence practice that allows different strategies for each game session.

Maintaining a simple interface Knight Roulette makes her very intuitive so that it can be used by players who are not experts, however, they wish to play using a strategy to place their bets at the roulette table.
Knight Roulette software interface.
How does work Knight Roulette?

The Knight Roulette system, processing the last six previous draws, will develop a series of increasingly based strategies to bet on six numbers manually on the table, it will also be given a precise value for the chips to be bet on each number.

The system is calibrated to play with three basic options that refer to the value of the initial bets for each number (example : 0,10 x 6), from this value is also calculated the minimum and the maximum credit required to operate properly the statistical system that is the basis of the program.

    0,10 Euro
    - Minimum credit 10,20 Euro
    - Maximum credit 74,40 Euro

    0,50 Euro
    - Minimum credit 51,00 Euro
    - Maximum credit 372,00 Euro

    1,00 Euro
    - Minimum credit 102,00 Euro
    - Maximum credit 744,00 Euro

    The minimum credit consists of 10 attempts, the maximum credit consists of 20 attempts.

    After the last attempt, respectively the tenth and twentieth depending on your choice, if you still do not get a win, a new strategy will be created, however by restart with the first minimum bet for single number for example :

    0,50 Euro x 6
    1,00 Euro x 6

    Knight Roulette is a betting system simply created to have fun with the game of roulette for that reason, you will not find any graphics tables with references to any winnings or losses in other words, there are no goals to achieve, therefore you'll have to be you to decide how and when to use the system contained in the program.
    Which players will appeal Knight Roulette ?

    Knight Roulette is targeted at roulette players who do not possess a particular betting strategy, or would like to use a different strategy from those more commonly known.
    What are the online casino where you can use Knight Roulette ?

    Knight Roulette can be used in all online casinos that offer single-zero roulette. The only advice is to prefer those casinos that have a regular ADM license which guarantee an honest and fair play.
    Knight Roulette is an legal program ?

    The Knight Roulette program has been designed to be used perfectly legally, in fact be limited to simply indicate a strategy on a statistical basis to be made in the roulette table in a completely manually by the player himself.
    The Knight Roulette program contains a virus or malware ?

    The Knight Roulette program does not contain any type of malicious code to your computer and is also the only program in the world that has an uninstaller that leaves no trace in your operating systems.

    Despite everything, your antivirus because heuristic analysis, or the same Windows SmartScreen may report Knight Roulette program as "FALSE POSITIVE", in this case you can add it without any problems in the exceptions list.
    Surfing some forums on the internet, I read that playing online roulette not live operated by the computer (server) of the casino, commonly named roulette processor may be programmed to detect the players' strategies. In essence, this type of online roulette may be rigged ?

    At present, there is no empirical evidence to prove that not live roulette is rigged. In particular, all online casinos use a sophisticated Random Number Generator (RNG) tested and certified by Gaming Labs International, an organization accredited with ADM, recognized and respected in the international area.
    Surfing the web, I read data, which indicate that the roulette numbers can not be predicted because the ball always falls randomly on the number, so I wonder why there are programs such as Knight Roulette ?

    The answer to this question can only get even passively participating in the game for an hour with roulette and also recording all the numbers drawn. It can be done at any time from any online casino without the need to open a gambling account, directly from your browser (eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox).

    The first detail to consider is that the roulette wheel has only 37 numbers involved, including zero than in a "no rigged" roulette should never go out more than six consecutive times, this particular eliminates a part of randomness, therefore within a minimum of eight and a maximum of ten extractions, he must come out to force a number between 1 and 36, between the other, compared to the italian Lotto game, as the amount of the roulette numbers are truly reduced.

    The second particular depends on whether you are going to play roulette, because you have to consider where to place your bets that will never be fair than the casino roulette table, for example you can not bet on red and black simultaneously due to zero by the same speech It applies to all the rest of the basic bets, or high / low, odd / even, dozens and columns, which do not include the number zero. Is there anyone who might be tempted to bet all the numbers from 1 to 36 and including zero, there is no doubt that the payout is guaranteed, however unfortunate that the win will be paid 1:36, pretty much if you bet 1 euro on each number ... lose mathematically 1 Euro each draw, we say it is not much fun.

    Consequently, considering the latter particularly inconvenient for the player, what would be the proper way to play roulette ?

    Practically, also including and in any case, the luck factor that in games of chance must not be missed ever, the correct way is to focus only some of the numbers filled, or some horses, possibly having available a set of previously released figures.

    On the basis of the thesis described above, you may lead to different strategies for playing roulette which for convenience are also included in computer applications such as Knight Roulette.

    The idea at the basis of a serious strategy for roulette is to play only for a predetermined period, and then are to be avoided at all those strategies that do not indicate a precise duration of time, as the rubbish martingales.
    After pressing any button in the Knight Roulette program, you do not get an immediate response, it may depend on what ?

    The symptom in question happens when you use the Knight Roulette program on very slow Internet connections. In this case, the only advice is to avoid repeatedly press the buttons in the interface, while patiently waiting for the next operation that will execute the program.
    I have seen that the Knight Roulette program can be purchased, but without having the opportunity to try it. In this regard, what is the reason why a trial period (even short) has not been provided ?

    All the advanced options and functions are managed completely automatically by the same engine in the Knight Roulette program and while other similar programs, which develop strategies for roulette, force the player to waste time manually configuring the strategy for each single game, on the contrary Knight Roulette develops the appropriate and integral strategies for each game in a completely automatic and above all relatively immediate way. Consequently, as the Knight Roulette program has a specially simplified interface, it was not possible to develop a limited or trial version.
    How can I check the reliability of the website Internet ?

    The only official website to download and purchase the Knight Roulette software, developed by Mr. Orazio Grasso alias ROULETT36, can be found exclusively at the following web address :

    The information I found on this website are not enough, how can I contact the programmer Knight Roulette ?

    You can contact the Knight Roulette programmer using the e-mail address present on the Support page.
    Informing visitors of the website that this page will be updated in light of new information and/or corrections.

    Last update : 06-04-2022.
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